Solutions for Public Institutions, Military, and Private Sector

Licentia™ provides cutting edge License Plate Recognition that massively complements the security of any facility. Designed to easily integrate with Aventura’s Face Recognition (Voltus™), Parking Management (Venire™), and Video Analytics (Cerebrus™), it is an integral part of a well rounded and effective overall security solution.

Included with the Software

  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition Engine
  • Neural Network Controller
  • Functions Libraries
  • Demo and Test Applications
  • Tutorial and Sample Programs both in Executable and Source Code

The Crown Jewel of the Vantage Video Analytics Software Family.

Licentia is designed to read number plates of automobiles. Number plates are the most common and easily identifiable means of motor vehicles worldwide. Traffic monitoring and security, toll and congestion charging systems, speed and journey time measurement, access control, parking management, bus lane enforcement, border control or gas station monitoring, among many other systems can all benefit from the fast and exact automatic identification and recognition capabilities.

Licentia reads number plates from many image sources very fast and with the highest recognition accuracy. It offers country-independent recognition as well as recognition of number plates written not only in Latin characters but also in Arabic, Cyrillic, Chinese, Korean, Thai and many more.

Advantages of Licentia LPR

Comprehensive Parking Management

  • An excellent solution for the growing need of Parking and Access Control management systems
  • Management information about car park usage
  • Improved security for both car park operators and car park users
  • Improved traffic flow during peak periods
  • Satisfied drivers

A Solution for the Growing Need of Parking and Access Control Management Systems.

Nowadays, parking lots are becoming an organic part of our everyday life. Licentia also offers flexible, low maintenance, yet effective and intelligent technology for car park operation. It reduces costs as well as increasing efficiency and security.
Licentia was specially designed and developed to be easily integrated into complex parking and access control applications. As a flexible system it can be tailored to meet special customer requirements.